What is Kodi? Everything You Need To Know About Kodi

What is Kodi?

Do you want to stream videos and audio contents from various sources without strain? Suppose your answer is ‘yes’ you need to use Kodi.

Kodi is an outstanding media player that makes your streaming easier and secure. XBMC Foundation is the Kodi’s developer.

The public benefits from it because it is an open source. People are free to use it without any limitation. For you to control its interface, you can use various gamepad and remotes.

When you are using it, you are free to access local media storage. This is the storage on the hard drive of your computer. It includes other external storage such as DVD, flash disk, an external hard drive as well.  You can opt to directly playback your media.


The second option is to use add-ons for the first or third party. All these methods are successful and give you an easy time when they are using Kodi.

Before you download any item fully, streaming will help you to playback the media on the internet. When you are through with streaming the content, the data will disappear automatically.

For you to get the high-quality content, you will need to have a stable and reliable internet connection. Ensure that you get the one that will serve you well.

For the Kodi to work effectively, you need an add-on. Some of the add-ons have streaming and active media sources.

The repository is essential when you are using Kodi. It can be made of one add-on or several of them.

  • You can use a ZIP file to install the repositories.
  • You can add a web source or connect it directly to Kodi.
  • You can opt to access the browser and go to that particular web source.

Kodi has unique features that make it outmatch all its competitors. We will discuss them below.

  • Kodi plays many media formats. It has a playback option for various media.
  • It has Television streaming option.
  • It has music playback feature.
  • Photo Viewer.
  • Video playback.
  • It allows you to change the appearance of various software. You can customize them the way you desire.
  • It has a Personal Video Recorder (PVR) system. It allows you to listen to Radio, viewing TV and recording TV programs.
  • You can use this system on TV headend, MediaPortal, NextPVR, and MythTV
  • It allows add-ons installation to take place successfully. Many people like Kodi because it will enable installation of plugins.
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    The add-ons are important. They allow you to check various vehicles’ information and do activities like streaming live TV programs.
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    You can use Kodi to play a wide range of media. This takes place when you provide the content.

It is important to note that when you download Kodi, it comes solely. It does not come with plugins. You have to install the media.

Which Devices Can Kodi Run On?

There are various devices that Kodi can run on. Some of the devices connect easier when you pair them with media player.

Many people opt to run Kodi on the following devices.

  • Amazon fire- TV sticks. Ensure that you use VPN when you are using Kodi on these devices.
  • Android TV current boxes.

You can be able to play back media using Android TV boxes devices. This can only take place through HDMI connection when you are using your TV.

You can use a gamepad or a remote to control these devices when you connect them to your Tv.

Android TV- boxes are accessible. They have a box shape, and they are similar to set-top boxes.

Android TV- Sticks are different from Android TV boxes. They look like flash disks only that they are more prominent.

They do not have type A USB like the normal flash disk. They instead have HDMI connector. This helps them in plugging into TV direct.

The Android TV boxes are more reliable and stronger than the TV sticks.

Many people go for the Android TV sticks. This is because they are cheaper and they are compatible with many devices than the Android TV boxes.

For those who run many add-ons, they should buy the Android TV boxes.

Is Using Kodi Legal?

Kodi, Android sticks, and boxes are legal. You have an option to use various add-ons to stream copyrighted content illegally.

When Is It Illegal?

It is only illegal when you use third-party add-ons to stream copyrighted contents illegally.

  • When you trade the devices to make a profit.

The devices that are ready for streaming are said to be ‘fully loaded’. Authorities in various countries have been tracing illegal streaming keenly.

The illegal streaming has been going on using add-ons third party Kodi.

In Europe, the court made a ruling that using streaming sources to get content that has copyright is illegal.

In the United Kingdom, people go to jail for trading Kodi boxes that are ‘fully loaded.’ The FACT (Federation Against Copyright Theft) director general is fighting against the illegal streaming that is taking place through the use of Kodi boxes.

He refers to the illegal streaming that takes place using Kodi boxes an epidemic. Any person that sells them is at risk of going to court when the authority gets to know it.

In Canada, the authority is against the selling of Android TV boxes that are ‘fully loaded.’ All Kodi boxes that have third-party add-ons are not on sale in Canada.

All the ISPs (Internet Service Providers) have all the information on the current battle against the use of Kodi.

The service providers that deal with internet are asking all Kodi users to be safe. This is through using the legal ways to access any content.

You should avoid using Kodi to access contents illegally. This will keep you from the trouble with the government.

XBMC and Kodi developers know that people engage in illegal streaming using their software. They are not to blame in any way. They develop the software and leave it to the users to decide how they want to use it.

They do not encourage the use of third-party add-ons. The purpose of third-party add-ons is the one that makes illegal streaming possible.

XBMC foundation encourages its users to use the official add-ons to avoid engaging in illegal activities. They have come up with various methods to promote this.

Users can be safe when they are using Krypton version of Kodi.

Steps To Follow For You To Use Kodi Successfully:

  • You should have the information on how to use Kodi software for you to use it well. The use of Kodi is legal, and many people from different parts of the world use it freely.
  • When you install any third party add-ons, it becomes illegal.
  • You can opt to use it for legal streaming instead of risking using the third party add-ons.
  • When you illegally stream copyrighted content, you should know that you are risking going to jail.
  • It is easy for you to install the application for Kodi in a wide range of devices.
  • You will only require identifying your operating system and then run the file that relates to it.
  • You can use features such as Radio, TV, and Weather to access Kodi. When you open Kodi, you will see the following icons at the top on the left side.
  • Gear symbol that represents settings.
  • Power icon. It is for restart the system, shutting down, setting the timer for switching off or for suspending a particular system.
  • There is a magnifying glass symbol that represents search.

You can access videos and music when you use the buttons that are on Kodi’s menu. You can get a PVR setup for the TV and radio. When you are using the add-ons, you can opt to add your media.

You can add some more files on Kodi library from your laptop or desktop. This is usually for specific categories like Tv programs, music, and videos.

When you add the files, you will enjoy having an easy time when you are accessing various contents.

Steps To Follow For You To Install Add-ons:

You can use add-ons to get streaming contents when you are utilizing Kodi. When you need legal add-ons, you should access official Kodi repository.

When you are purchasing Kodi, the installation of the repository will be in place. You will have to install the add-ons on the media player.

You will need to go to the main screen for Kodi and click on add-ons. This will help you to install various files from official Kodi repository.

When you look in the left corner, you will see a ‘package’ icon. Press it for you to move to the next step.

On the repository, there are two buttons. Press add-ons Kodi repository and then press the install button.

When you visit the official repository, you will find the following add-ons. They are reliable and very useful.

  • Twitch: This is a platform for live gaming.
  • Vimeo: It works the same way as youtube does.
  • iPlayer WWW: This applies to the residence of United Kingdom only. It helps them to use Kodi to access the iPlayer of BBC.
  • Crunchyroll: This add-on deals with cartoon and anime.
  • Youtube: This one helps the users to watch videos on the Youtube.
  • FunimationNOW: This deals with cartoon and anime.
  • Crackle: You can access Crackle and get free TV programs and movies.

Steps To Follow For You To Install Third Party Add-ons:

You will be putting your freedom at risk by installing third-party add-ons. This is because it aids you in getting streaming contents illegally.

  • You will have to click at the settings menu on Kodi.
  • You will then add a reliable installation source.
  • Access the file manager and open it.
  • Click at ‘add source.’
  • After this step, you can fill in all the source information.
  • Fill in the URL that matches your source.
  • Fill in a corresponding name where you will see a box written ‘media source name.’
  • On the left corner, you will see an icon written ‘package.’ You will have two options there. You can choose to install or download repository that relates to an add-on.

You can opt to download particular zip files that relate to the add-ons.

You can click on ‘install from repository.’ This is only when you would like to use a direct link to add the repository. You can achieve this by going to the options under ‘install via zipping'.

You can opt to go to ‘install the zip file’ to install an add-on direct. You will need to go to a file that contains plugin zip for you to search for your download folder.

PVR Configuration:

You can access various media using Kodi when you configure a PVR in Kodi. Back-end software and TV tuners elaborate on the radio and Tv signals.

A PVR is critical at this stage. It interprets the data from back-end software. It generates an audio or video at the end of this process.

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How Do You Use Vpn On Kodi?

You can keep your online activities safe and secretive when you use VPN on Kodi. People will not be able to know your identity when you are doing various activities online. Your identity is canceled entirely.

This is beneficial to all users because hackers cannot trace them. Malicious people will not be able to access your connection.

This denies them an opportunity to send you contents that have the virus which would make your device to crash.

Some Internet Service Providers charges users who use Kodi to stream.

They can disconnect your connection when you don’t pay for them. You can be sent a warning letter when you fail to pay for the charges on time.

When you use VPN on Kodi, the service provider will not be able to trace you.

Advantage Of Using Vpn On Kodi:

  • You can seal the fact that you are using Kodi when you use it alongside with VPN.This will help you to avoid paying for the charges that the internet service providers ask.
  • You can get contents that are not readily available in your location. These are contents that have a lock.
  •  You can choose a reliable and fast VPN like IPVanish.
  • You can stream when you have a connection to a VPN that has a reliable connection.

Advantages Of Using Ipvanish:

  • It is efficient because it works well with every Kodi add-ons, unlike many other VPN.\
  • It does not keep the history of your internet activities. This is to your advantage because your Internet Service Provider (ISP) cannot trace your activities.
  • It works excellently and faster. This enables it to work well with Kodi.
  • It prevents the downloading of contents before you play the video or music. This is Kodi buffering.

Other Interesting Kodi Features

1.    Weather

You can know the weather condition for your current area using Kodi. You can get this information without having to go to a different source.

The settings for the weather are on the main screen of Kodi.

Steps To Follow:

  • You need to press the setting button.
  • Click on 'Service settings'.
  • Click on the weather.
  • Click on service for weather information.
  • Choose the service which you would like to serve you in displaying your place weather condition.

2.    Changing Kodi Appearance:

You don’t have to stick to one Kodi appearance that would be boring. You can change the color and outlay of your Kodi.

You will only need to go to interface settings and choose your favorite theme. This depends on your taste and preference.

How To Avoid Kodi Security Risks?

Many risks relate to using Kodi. These include the potential hacking of system by malicious people.

They can send you harmful contents that can crush your device. This is the ‘man in the middle attack.’

There are several ways that you can use to evade being a victim of these risks.

Security Risks Relating To Kodi

1.    Installing Add-ons From Anonymous Sources

The risk of adding add-ons from an anonymous source is so high. There is a requirement for you to alter the app settings when you are installing add-ons.

This requirement applies when you are installing add-ons from any other source except the repository for official Kodi add-ons.

Kodi 17 has been of help to Kodi Foundation in implementing the change. This setting is similar to that of Android devices. An example of this is Fire TV Stick.

The Danger Of Installing Add-ons From Anonymous Sources:

When you install add-ons from an unknown source, you will be exposing yourself to various dangers.

When You Install Add-ons Using Any Linking Sources

Avoid connecting to a location that is not genuine. You can find yourself in this trap. This is because Kodi does not restrict you from connecting the app to any source that is online.

When you directly connect to these locations, other people can alter your add-ons. This can make you download an add-on that is not genuine. The updates take place before anyone consults you.

You can fail to make a clear follow-up on the changes that take place on your Kodi.

Installing Kodi Add-on Via Zip File

It is very dangerous for you to install an unfamiliar add-on directly. This is because some of these add-ons would be:

-    Infected with the virus.

-    The hackers can hijack the file.

-    It would be corrupt. This can make your computer or any other device you would be using to corrupt.

-    The add-on can help in attacks relating to MiTM.

-    Hackers can use them to access your private information. They can get your data without your permission.

You will not be able to prevent the above things to take place when you are not cautious. You will need to avoid sourcing add-ons from anonymous sources.

You can control the changes on your add-ons. This is through preventing all linking locations and sources from altering add-ons set up.

 You can give this command, and the changes cannot take place unless you give your consent.

Steps To Follow For You To Implement This Control:

-    Click on the setting.

-    Go to system setting.

-    Click on add-ons.

-    Click on the update.

-    You can choose any of the following options:

‘Do not check any updates.’

‘Do not install any updates, just notify.’

This is the simplest and safest way to avoid having changes taking place on your Kodi and system.

The only add-ons that you can rely on are those that are from the repository of Kodi add-ons.

Some developers hack their add-ons to access users’ information illegally. This is why you should be cautious when you are downloading and installing any third party add-ons.

Other Vulnerabilities:

These are secondary threats. You can operate and access Kodi remotely. Several risks relate to Kodi. They have a link to an option of the remote server.

Torrent Freak is aware of this risk and they have come out to enlighten the users on the same.

Steps To Follow For You To Be In Charge And To Prevent These Threats:

-    Go to settings.

-    Click on service.

-    Click on the control button.

-    You can opt to authorize remote control. You can do this from various systems on their applications.

You can also take the control using the web interface. The people who access music and movies on their computers are the ones that use this method.

When you use a remote control that is not safe and secure, you are at risk. This is because:

-    It can permit people to access your add-ons without your consent.

-    It can allow them to alter the applications on Kodi and manipulate it.


Always ensure that you turn off the HTTP control at the settings.

You can create a strong password when you decide to make use of a remote server.

Turn off the remote server when you are not using it.

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