SurfShark Review 2019 :- Best VPN with Multiple Features [updated]

It is important to note that Surfshark VPN supports Kodi which makes it to be purchased by thousands of individuals. The whole article is written in a detailed manner to elaborate a general review of Surfshark and its significance to people across different nations. Surfshark supports Kodi in a tremendous way by changing the IP address, and also securing your networks and devices.



 The global world has become an ocean of numerous inventions and discoveries. Thousands of congratulations should be accorded to the IT experts who keep inventing useful pieces of stuff to uplift our living standards.

Surfshark VPN has turned to be the leading security software that protects millions of individuals across different continents.

A great number of add-ons are geo-restricted and can’t be obtained outside the respective regions.

Like-wise DMCAs and cxbopyright issues can make you land in prison with law enforcement authorities.

A Surfshark VPN has been discovered to solve all your problems. It is powerful to unblock all geo-restricted add-ons and give you a golden opportunity of streaming a dozen things on your devices.

The Significance of Surfshark VPN

Precisely Surfshark VPN allows you to change your IP address with the aiming of unblocking geo-restricted add-ons.

Realistically you are impeded to watch CBS, ABC, SportsNet, USTVNow, and other interesting channels outside the US.

Surfshark VPN gives you full accessibility to automatically replace your IP address with the one from USA and get the whole number of geo-restricted Kodi channels.

Surfshark VPN is not categorically meant for unblocking geo-restricted websites, but it also powerful in securing your devices and network.

This is done by hiding the online activities with the perfection of encrypting the information passing via your gadgets.

Surfshark VPN assists you to secure all your music and video streaming activities from ISP. Surfshark VPN also improves gaming speeds while doing games playing on Kodi.

Surfshark VPN pride itself in a remarkable way for being incompatible with the below-named platforms.

Platform Compatibility


Chromebooks,Windows,Linux and MacOS.

Movie Platforms

IOS, Android


DD-WRT, AsusWRT, and Tomato

Web Browsers

Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome

Other Devices

Amazon FireTV

Initial and Installation Configuration for Surfshark VPN

When installing Surfshark VPN it is very simple for you. All that you need is to sign-up for a credible Surfshark account on an official website, and this can be obtained at the personalized area of Surfshark account.

This is the appropriate area where applications can be downloaded. Surfshark supports an OpenVPN standard, which makes you have an opportunity of installing the app on the platforms without the native application granted by this provider.

For Windows, the installation file requires to have a space of 12MB. Typically, this is a lightweight app and is very simple to run finely on your windows.  Start the installation process by double-clicking on the file of installation.

 Select the desired location on the computer and the software will immediately install in a short while. Absolutely there is no bloatware or any other irritating offers. Once the installation process is over, you can go to the next step of opening your application, and then login by using your credentials.

A Surfshark VPN is power-driven by an advanced tech. There is a pretty switch, which doesn’t require having all the tactics of a DNS, and other kinds of complicated procedures to operate the whole stuff. Below is a set of Surfshark VPN features.

VPN Checklist Features

DNS Leak Protection


IPv6 Leak Protection




Ad-Blocker, Anti-Malware


Unlimited Server Switches


Unlimited Bandwidth


Unlimited Data


Firstly, all that you need to know is that Surfshark serves you with the basics of IP hiding as well. Immediately you link it to the remote server of your selection, it generates a new IP address.

Astonishingly this gives you the permission of altering your physical location and unblocking of the websites, comprising the most famous streaming media platforms.

To boost your Web browsing experience, Surfshark VPN uses a CleanWeb feature that blocks malware, advertisements, and trackers.

A MultiHop is a gorgeous feature that Surfshark VPN uses to offer an avenue to route traffic via two secure servers. Incredibly, this VPN maintains a 100% private data even after connecting to a Website.

Surfshark VPN is made with only 500+ servers. For more info check the list below that gives detailed information as Server Count Info is concerned.

Server Count Info

Number of Servers


Locations Number


Countries Number


Exact Cities Selection

Only in the USA

Unlimited Switching


Currently, Surfshark VPN has over 500 servers located across 50 nations. It’s very simple to use this VPN because it comes with a clear guide that is straightforward to comprehend.

Once you log-in into the Surfshark VPN account, the app will display a very polished and clean interface. Simply click on the key green-colored button indicated connect, then the app will look for an optimal location.

After this, you will be linked to the closest server which offers excellent performance and fast browsing Web speed.

You are also highly privileged to select a server manually which is operated by the click of the Optimal button site below the UI.

Afterward, this will give a list of alphabetically sorted nations. If you are searching for a specific thing, you are free to use the search bar positioned at the top.

By the instant click on any of these locations makes Surfshark VPN automatically link to the server.

Marvelously at the same time you are browsing for available locations, you have a golden opportunity of connecting to two servers at the same time.

The act is executed by clicking on the MultiHop link on the top-right corner. It gives you eight different links to select from, two of these connections make you get an IP address from the USA.

Basically let’s give you an illustration, by selecting the final selection list, the option gives you permission to connect to the USA via Canada.

This means that a Canadian server will accept your traffic first, and then forward it to the USA. You feel proud when all you’re outgoing, and incoming traffic is routed via the two servers.

This gives an additional layer of protection and makes it hard for any individual to keep tracking your exact location.

Let’s now get into the application settings of Surfshark VPN settings. You have the capacity of fine-tuning your user experience by simply clicking on the Gear icon from the Home page of the application.

This is a tremendous way to look into your account, especially when your subscriptions have expired and you need to update the app. There are four subcategories that you need to know about Surfshark VPN. These include:

  • Connectivity: When you want to be linked to a secure server at all times, this is where to make the things happen as you desire.  First, allow the app to start every time the Window starts and additionally permit the option of linking to a remote server in an automatic manner. You have also the free-will to select which Wi-Fi networks should remain hidden automatically.
  • Notifications: Every time you connect Surfshark VPN to a server and then disconnect it, you will receive a notification from the screen. So it’s very easy to disable this option according to your want.
  • Security: By default, CleanWeb, and Kill Switch features are not enabled. Both of these are profoundly helpful, so it’s highly recommended to be enabled.
  • Advanced: This is the final option that gives you the power to switch between the UDP and the TCP protocols and then send anonymous reports crash.

Media Streaming and Torrenting Support

Surfshark VPN is highly capable of unblocking any famous media streaming website. It has also an amazing offer of Torrenting. Below is a clear indication of Media streaming and torrenting support done by Surfshark VPN.

Media Streaming and Torrenting Support

Netflix US




BBC iPlayer


Amazon Prime Video


It is recommended to use Surfshark VPN to unblock enormous popular streaming media websites.

According to the survey done by the IT experts, Surfshark manages to unblock Prime Video, Netflix, Amazon, BBC iPlayer, and Hulu.

It is worth to note that Surfshark has the opportunity also of supporting P2P traffic across a large number of its servers. Downloading torrents should not be problematic at all.

Security and Privacy

Surfshark VPN assures you a 100% confidentiality and secrecy. It keeps all of your individual information and successfully blocks any person tracking you online. DNS leaks, logging, and encryption are very important in this segment.

Supported Encryption Protocols

Surfshark VPN comes with powerful AES-256 encryption that is supported by default. This standard of encryption is used by government – based and financial institutions. Surfshark is also used widely by less skilled users for its remarkable performance.

Logging Policy

Surfshark VPN takes care of your information with a lot of meticulousness. It doesn’t collect any single file concerning your Website browsing. Surfshark VPN works under the policies of the British Virgin Islands.

DNS Leak Test

Surfshark VPN is powerfully designed to entertain zero leaks. A security survey was done to test if the Surfshark protects you 100% without any leaks.

The research was carried out by connecting Surfshark to a remote server and then running it in a DNS for a leak test.

This result manifested that the IP address remained hidden by being protected by a Surfshark VPN.

Speed and Performance

Surfshark VPN has a tremendously high speed when working with your devices. Below is a comprehensive table that shows the speed of Surshark VPN.

Download Speed

Upload Speed

Speed Reduction


Baseline Speed




Nearby Server

137.73 Mbps



Remote Server




Customer Support

Surfshark VPN has a stunning Website which gives you an avenue of solving your queries. The Website of Surfshark has a live-chat option, which can be got at the bottom-right corner.

A trained professional will help you, 24/7 within a few minutes to solve all your problems. Below is a detailed customer support channels that you can use.

  • LiveChat Support: As already discussed, you have the opportunity of having a live chat with Surfshark VPN Support. The crew is highly competent to give satisfying responses to your queries.
  • Setup Guides: Support center of Surfshark VPN gives you tutorials on fixing the app on supported gadgets. There is a clear guide of instilling this VPN on a router.
  • FAQ: The support is always available to answer the frequently asked questions by the clients to keep them posted with relevant information.
  • Support Tickets:This is another method of getting your problems solved. It entails filling a form on a website, where you clearly elucidate your challenge and then chill for the crew to give you a response.


Concerning about pricing check below.


Total Price

Per Month


1-Month Plan     




12-Month Plan     




24-Month Plan    




Surfshark VPN gives you a variety of opportunity to pay via cryptocurrencies, Paypal, Alipay, and credit cards.


  • It’s not complicated to operate Surfshark VPN.
  • Straightforward to install.
  • Unblocks famous streaming services.
  • It supports torrenting.
  • It does not collect logs.
  • Surfshark is believed to give an immaculate performance.


  • It is not the biggest server network. 
  • Surfshark gives you the opportunity of only 500+ servers while other VPNs comes with 5,000+ servers.
  • It requires a modest network of servers.

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Surfshark VPN is an amazing piece of stuff which has been useful to massive of users across different countries.

It is darling to many because it gives you utmost protection, manages to unblock Netflix, Prime Video, Amazon, BBC iPlayer and Hulu.

Surfshark also supports P2P traffic with a big number of its servers. Don’t hesitate to purchase Surfshark VPN to enjoy numerous benefits.

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