Private Internet Access VPN for Kodi (PIA VPN) – Review 2018

Virtual Private Network is the elaboration of VPN, and it is a technology that allows you to connect one or more computers to a private network usually via the Internet.

 It is the connection pathway of communication from start to end with different control points through which the data packages travel. While using a VPN, encryption, and authentication protect the network traffic where the data package travel. 

There are some core reasons for which you should not use Internet access without an authentic VPN. First of all, a VPN allows you to connect securely and remotely to private networks.

You can also link to different networks, even with servers, in a safer way. Secondly, it allows you to serve safely on public Wi-Fi networks, shopping malls, hotels and coffee shops which are free but threatened without VPN for your security.


Besides, this magic network permits you to bypass Internet censorship or original restriction on content and sites. VPN also helps to prevent cybercrime. When there is a chance that hackers or any third-party illegally tries to intercept with legitimate communication and stimulating on users all connections, It is essential for an internet user to use a VPN to stay safe and secure.

What is Kodi?

Kodi is an exclusive famous open-source, free media center better than all other existing ones. By using Kodi, you can enjoy photos, videos, movies, TV shows, music and numerous contents free. You can also stream staff and watch podcast and listen to it.

 It provides a vast platform for playing games and can also record and store the live content of TV shows. The answer to what Kodi can do lies in its different services and features. It provides access to almost all of the operating system, including Android, Windows, iOS, Mac OS, Linux and Raspberry Pi.

 A Kodi user can easily enjoy TV shows in addition to set-top boxes and streaming devices. Furthermore, it has an attractive option to record and store content from live TV shows. Kodi is dynamic with its amazing Themes, screensavers and many more features. The comfortable and smooth remote control service attracts all the users.

Why is VPN Necessary for Kodi User?

Kodi and VPN have a close-ended relationship to each other. If you literary observe the situation, you can easily find out the importance of VPN while using Kodi. Kodi is the vast platform for its users which provides an ample number of resources for free.

 On the other hand, a VPN allows you to access secure, encrypted and authentic internet access. Now, it is crystal why VPN is necessary while one uses Kodi. One must need to use one's ISP (Internet service provider) to access to the world wide web for international entertainment.

The followings are the most crucial reasons for which you should run VPN as a Kodi user. The smart users will choose to protect their identity from an ISP or cybercriminals by using VPN during the use of Kodi.

 VPN permits users to download all contents from every server blindly, not letting know who you are. VPN can quickly overcome the restricted access to many servers and into some unilateral restricted areas for Kodi. 

Kodi is vastly popular among its users due to its fastest early entrance into new release content and VPN makes the service available on a more important network.

PIA VPN Surprising Features:

PIA VPN comes with unusual features to provide you the secure environment while using internet with their highly protected servers. The VPN supports P2P file sharing and encrypts your data with PPTP, OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec technologies.

While streaming or downloading it will block ads, trackers, and malware to protect your device. There is no limit on bandwidth, and you can run five devices simultaneously with one account of PIA VPN. This service offers you the safest security with SOCKS5 Proxy, and it records no activity log of yours. Find one-click easy installation process without doing so much hassle.

This VPN offers more than 3203 servers in 29 countries, and they are coming with newer servers. There is an option to pay via gift cards, and it’s a secure and anonymous option for you.

They support almost all types of popular gift card brands such as Starbucks, Best Buy, Walmart and many more. PIA VPN provides tons of gateways that make your privacy stronger and safer. This service will hide your original IP and offer you a USA IP address so that you can access to different worldwide websites without facing any restriction.

 The multilayer protection of VPN tunneling and your secret IP will protect your identity online. No one will able to find out what you are doing online or what is your location. This VPN service not only secures your web browsing, but also they protect all the applications you are using.

This VPN service is compatible with tons of famous OS and platforms like Windows, Android, Linux, Mac, iPhone, iOS and so on. If your internet service provider or firewall is giving you any censorship restriction, then this will remove all those limits and you will be able to stream with freedom. The ultimate protection of PIA VPN will provide you security while you are using a public wifi hotspot, shared router or any other unsafe source.

Pricing and Plans

Clever choice ($2.95/m)

You believe in the long relationship, so do PIA VPN.  Try to pick their two yearly packages at $69.95 per year that will save a lot of money. Here your per month cost amounts to $2.95. Isn't it magic?

Best buy ($3.33/m)

You can purchase this yearly safety plan at $39.95 instead of $83.40 and remain completely secure for 12 months. Here, your average cost per month stands for only $3.33 which is the best offer you would ever have.

Appetizer test ($6.95/m)

If you want to start with a minimum price to get the test of appetizer, PIA offers a reasonable price at $6.95 per month. It is a monthly package which also provides full proof support and service for your security and greater access.

PIA offers you 7-day money back guarantee without any argument.

Pros & Cons

Here is the PIA VPN review at a glance. Check them and find out what is good and bad for you.


  • check
    ​Comparatively lowest price than others
  • check
    ​SOCKS5 Proxy available
  • check
    ​Offers P2P file sharing
  • check
    Pay anonymously by bitcoins


  • check
    ​Offers no free trial
  • check
    ​Customer support is not that good
  • check
    Offers no free trial

​Final Verdict

PIA VPN is a good VPN service according to their pricing, and you will get a massive amount of features and servers. If you are not a tech expert, then this is not a smart pick for you.

This VPN does not offer any user-friendly services for beginners. If any problem occurs, a tech expert will be able to correct the situation. This VPN service provides a detailed guide on how to install and setup in the official website of PIA VPN.

The installation process is also natural and does not consume too much time. So we can say that PIA VPN is the best option for experts who are seeking for a VPN protect at a reasonable price.

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