NordVPN Kodi Review :- Pro’s and Con’s of NordVPN On Kodi

Exclusive Review of NordVPN Kodi: Get the Best Experience of Kodi

Nowadays using the internet without protection is not a smart idea. Hackers or your internet provider can break your privacy and record your personal information. In some countries, the government declares some laws that give your internet service provider right to access your connection.

For this reason, an internet provider can track users' online activity or collect data about you. This rule can ruin your privacy badly. You can protect your privacy by using a VPN. A VPN will not only give private browsing facility but also you can share your secret research files, relevant documents via the internet and no hacker will be able to get them.


What is Kodi?

Kodi Starts journey in 2002 as Xbox Media Player. After some time it named Xbox Media Center, and the latest name is Kodi. It is not only a media player anymore. Kodi is a free open source media center software.

 This software allows its users to access content like videos music, photos from the internet. Kodi supports almost all popular platforms, and you can stream or save content on any device. You can stream movies, watch live shows, record live shows and can do many more things sitting at your home with Kodi.

Kodi can play tons of formats of your favorite contents. It supports AAC, MP3, OGG, ISO, H-264 and many more formats. Once you add content like a move, your Kodi will add lots of relevant content like posters, trailer, fan-made videos or description casting details and so on.

You can even stream pictures with Kodi. You can organize a library of photos and play them in a slideshow. The main point is this is a fantastic media center which lets you access your preferable contents free.

Why should You be Using a VPN with Kodi?

Using Kodi with a VPN is necessary. You are at risk if you are using Kodi without a VPN service. You can use some 3rd party add-ons in Kodi. While accessing some these 3rd party add-ons, you may break laws and police can arrest you for this.

 You can use a VPN to escape this situation; no one can tress your online activity if you use a VPN while using Kodi. Your internet provider can track your activity, and if he finds out that you stream a lot of content than others, he can lower your internet speed without you knowing. A VPN can give a solution to all these problems and also will allow you to use Kodi with good speed.

NordVPN for Kodi

This is one of the best VPN for Kodi. You cannot use all the VPNs that you find on the market. You should use only a good VPN in your budget. NordVPN allows you to bypass area restrictions. Some websites have limitations that a user can just watch their contents if he is a resident of a specific country.

You can handle this situation with NordVPN and watch contents whichever you want and from any place in this world. NordVPN serves a Zero-log policy to conserve user’s privacy. If you connect to NoedVPN server, it will encrypt your all data. It will hide your IP address to make you untraceable. You will find the best speed while you’re using Kodi with NordVPN.

Excellent Features of NordVPN

NordVPN serves its users with the latest technologies and security option. It maintains a strict log policy which keeps no data of the user activity. It means no one can monitor or record your online activity, browsing history, private data.

Sometimes your VPN connection may drop, then only a kill switch option can keep your connection safe. NordVPN offers you an automatic kill switch feature which will terminate selected programs or stop your device to connect to the web.

You will find two types of auto Killswitch technology one is for desktops, and other is for mobile phones. The desktop version supports only Windows, macOS, mobile version supports Android 7 or the later version and iOS.

NordVPN provides onion network facility. An onion network can make your connection more safe by adding an extra layer of encryption. This feature ensures your maximum security.

NordVPN offers a DNS leak test. Sometimes DNS servers can make your connection unprotected by sending encrypted queries outside your secure VPN tunnel. This DNA leak test can protect your connection due to this problem.

Any good VPN should have lots of servers all around the world. NordVPN is holding their servers in 56 countries. They have total 2429 servers. In America, they have 1033 servers, in Europe 1165 servers, in Asia Pacific 204 servers and Africa, Middle East, and India 29 servers. You can also pick your optimal server based on your needs.

You can have the excellent speed at any device in any place in this world. NordVPN provides proxy extension features for the Firefox and Chrome browsers. You can encrypt your connection to protect your browsing instantly. This feature makes your browsing more comfortable and safe.

Your internet service provider can disturb your smooth online experience by doing bandwidth throttling. NordVPN provides a Smart play technology via its apps so that you can stream without any buffering or throttling. NordVPN also offers the best Peer to Peer experience online. You can now share your files in the network with a large group faster and easier.

The best thing is NordVPN will provide you a personal IP address. This can be useful while you are using g-mail, eBay, PayPal and so on. In some places, a private IP is necessary for doing official or professional work. This feature also provides you protection against DDoS attacks. Your internet connection will become faster with a dedicated IP address. NordVPN offers limitless bandwidth facility as well.

You can use NordVPN on your six devices simultaneously. The company is trying to increase their servers more, and you are getting different optimization and configuration options regarding server choices. Install the mobile apps to protect your phone as well. Get help from the friendly customer service team of NoedVPN. You can ask for help in the live chat or support ticket option.

Pricing of NordVPN

NordVPN provides three regular plans Simple, Best Offer and Standard. You can choose the Simple 1-month plan, in this plan you have to pay $11.95/month which is very costly. The Best Offer plan is for two years.

You have to pay $3.29/month and in total $79.00 for two years. In the Standard 1 year plan you have to pay $69/ year, that means $5.75 / month. They are providing a holiday deal for a limited time now where you can save 77% money. The deal is for three years, and it costs $2.75/ month only. You will get a 30 days money back guarantee with all these plans.

For and Against of NordVPN

You will get the sum up of this review of NordVPN in the following section


  • check
    Good number of servers
  • check
    Supports six simultaneous devices
  • check
    Allows P2P sharing
  • check
    Double encryption over connection


  • Killswitch option is not available for all versions
  • Have some interface issues with Windows
  • Connection drop occurs

Final Verdict

You will get an excellent VPN at such a low price. It has some problems, but If you have a budget issue, then this is the best VPN for you. You can give a free trial with the 3-day trial option. Undoubtedly NordVPN is a great VPN service with tons of features and a reasonable price.

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