Ivacy VPN Review :- Fastest VPN for Kodi


  • Has 1000 plus servers across 100 locations
  • Available on almost all devices with windows, Android and iOS hence works for Kodi
  • Automatic scans any files downloaded for viruses and malware
  • Supports OpenVPN protocol hence good for Kodi
  • Has advanced IKEV and IPsec protocols
  • Located in the Island of Singapore

Since Kodi has become a one stop for movies, live TV, documentaries and sports lovers, there is a need of VPN to unblock restricted countries and remain anonymous while streaming.

Kodi is an open source software that provides access to streaming media content. This include movies, podcasts, videos and music from the internet and best of all, it’s free! Better yet, it can be accessed on any major operating system and almost all devices.

You can access Kodi on any device and is compatible with Windows, OS X, Linux and Android. Best of all, it is free.

It was designed with home entertainment in mind, making it ideal for lovers of sports, films, sports and TV shows. It is constantly being modified and upgraded to provide the best user experience by its developers.

This post will focus on the most crucial features of Ivacy VPN to determine whether it’s the right option for Kodi or not.


ivacy interface

Signing up with Ivacy was a smooth process like any other VPN I have ever used. I selected the best Ideal plan for streaming movie with Kodi and choose Paypal as the payment method. After paying, Ivacy sent a welcome email with a link to set the password.

What followed was links to Ivacy’s many clients to choose from. I downloaded one, windows client installed and launched with no problem. I was struck by its beautifully designed interface with shades of blue and clear texts.

There is a large connect button which connected me to one of its servers which are displaced as countries or cities.  It was great to find that Ivacy VPN has a tool bar on the left side to choose various tasks such as streaming.

Other options include secure download where Ivacy VPN will scan any music or movie downloaded from online media sites for any viruses.

It unblocks for people who cannot access movie streaming apps. More features are available when you access Ivacy VPN through a desktop than an Android App.

Streaming Review

The Ivacy website informs its users that they are allowed to stream anything and anywhere. This is true because the left hand toolbar has servers for particular tasks to choose from. I clicked streaming, selected one online media site and Viola! I was able to watch movies from there.

If you want to access, share and store content around the home, use Ivacy VPN with a streaming site of your choice. Streaming sites can be purchased in all forms and sizes such as app, boxes, Add-ons and even TVs.

Ivacy VPN Features that make it Ideal for Streaming Sites

The headquarters of Ivacy VPN is on the wonderful island of Singapore. Since early 2007, this VPN has been safeguarding the online presence of its users. Despite its decade plus operation in the marketplace of VPN, it is not a renowned brand.

First, it is compatible with any device such as smart Tvs, windows, IOS, routers and Android hence a great VPN for streaming.

Ivacy VPN cost

ivacy cost

One of the outstanding features of Ivacy VPN is its affordability. They have a 1-year plan at $3.33 per month, 2-year plan starting $ 2.25 per month and 5-year plan starting at $ 1 per month. Unfortunately, Ivacy VPN does not have a free trial period.

Instead, they have a paid 3 day trial period for a minimal price of $ 2.50. This will give its user to tests its service within the 3 days. Its unlimited bandwidth is perfect for streaming which you can test during the trial period while streaming.

With the 3 days trial period, you get the following;

  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Multi logins
  • 1000 plus servers across 100 locations
  • P2P optimized servers
  • Optimized VPN servers

1$ per month is an enticing offer but it is only for those who want to use the VPN for 5 good years. It is billed once for $ 60.  The 2 year plan is the most popular at $ 2.25 per month. You get billed once at $49 and another 1 year free.

The yearly plan costs $ 3.33 per month is billed once for $39.95. A monthly purchase is however $9.95; not that desirable. It seems Ivacy encourage their users to go for longer plans than short durations.

Payments Method

The list of payment for Ivacy VPN is long. It supports major and minor payments option hence no worrying if you want to use it for major streaming sites. It supports major and minor payment options like Bitpay, Alipay, Paypal, card, Perfect Money and Bitcoin.

However, there is no refund with Bitcoin.  They don’t store their client’s credit card information and this is a definite plus for increasing trust with their services.

Speed Test

US Server

EU Server

UK Server

Download: 45.86mbps

Download: 53.04 mbps

Download: 53.24mbps

Upload: 43.92mbps

Upload: 25.39 mbps

Upload: 33.36mbps

In order to ensure the accuracy of this post, I made some speed tests to find out the speed of this VPN. UK server download speed was 53.24 mbps for download and 33.36 mbps for upload. The other servers were almost the same speeds.

Ivacy is one of the VPNs with a Kodi addon. Other VPNs must be started outside unlike Ivacy which will allow you to connect and disconnect within Kodi itself. 

Security and Privacy 

The headquarters of Ivacy VPN are located in Singapore which is far from European Union surveillance. Also, Ivacy name comes from the word privacy hence they take their user’s privacy very seriously.

Ivacy’s company has a clear privacy policy and upon reading it, you get to understand that privacy of their customers is important to them. They don’t track their user’s connection data hence cannot identify their activities on their site.

Ivacy VPN supports a lot of protocols such as OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, SSTP and IKEv2. A user streaming on Kodi is sure to be protected with their military grade 256 bit encryption and RSA keys for verification.

Ivacy VPN allows its users to change their IP and unblock any restrictions they might be facing while streaming on all streaming sites.

For instance, there are many online movie sites and other channels that cannot be accessed outside the United States of American unless one has installed a VPN. 

Ivacy VPN works well for Kodi because it will allow you to replace your IP address with that of US and hence able to access all restricted channels that are reserved for US viewers.

Not only it unblocks geo restricted websites but it secures your devices from viruses by scanning music and Videos that you will download.

Server Network

There are features to look out for to determine if it’s the best VPN. A good VPN provider should have features such as a variety of servers to choose from, good pricing plans, good speeds for streaming, privacy policy, compatibility, just to name a few.

The bestVPN should have a variety of servers in order to select the one that will unblock the channels or movies that you want. Ivacy VPN has 1000 plus servers in 100 different locations hence good for Kodi.

Its diverse network server of 100 locations ensures that speed remain fast and constant, ping times remain low and P2P sharing, streaming, torrenting and gaming is a smooth process.

Ivacy VPN device Compatibility

You don’t have to worry if Ivacy VPN is compatible with your device. They have developed Ivacy for Windows, iOS, Android, Mac and Chrome. The extension for chrome is the newest and works amazingly well.

This is good news for its users because they can access the Ivacy VPN on any device they wish to. As seen on the above interface, their apps are deftly designed, have clear characters, no annoying adverts and the design is interactive.

What’s more, Ivacy VPN has also been incorporated in other platforms such as smart TVs, OpenELEC , Linux and even Kodi. However, there is no extension for Firefox. 

Do you need Ivacy VPN?

You definitely need Ivacy VPN when streaming because of its crucial advantages.

  1. Ivacy VPN improves gaming speeds while playing
  2. It will secure all movies, TV shows and Music streaming activities on all streaming sites by hiding your IP
  3. Streaming on some online media sites is illegal in European Union hence Ivacy VPN will bypass the government censorship
  4. Downloading and sharing using Ivacy VPN is easy and secure because viruses are scanned before receiving your files.
  5. Best of all, it is perfect for unblocking restricted countries for live TV from countries such as Germany, US, Canada and Australia.

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Streaming without Ivacy VPN

A streaming media site turns your computer, tablet or phone into a streamer giving you the opportunity to watch live TV, movies, play games or listen to music from the internet.

Unlike Apple TV & Amazon Fire TV stick, some streaming sites are not regulated so you are free to download any app or add-ons to stream whenever you like. 

There is no big problem streaming on media sites without a VPN unless you are worried about your privacy, are accessing pirated content which is illegal in many countries and are being blocked from streaming.

Accessing pirated streams is seen as violation of digital content laws hence dangerous to stream on Kodi without a VPN.  It is therefore important to install Ivacy VPN if it is possible to avoid punishment if found out.

I recommend streaming using a VPN like Ivacy which I have proved works perfectly with many streaming sites if you suspect you are vulnerable and want to protect your online presence while watching or playing games.


  • Ivacy VPN is a superb tool that will safeguard your online privacy while streaming on media sites
  • It is rated as the safest choice to bypass geo restricted walls hence ideal for streaming sites
  • It is torrent-friendly
  • Has consistent speeds hence it works for Kodi very well
  • Has live chat support
  • Ivacy VPN has 1000+ servers which cater for more than 100 locations
  • Ivacy VPN can support devices with iOS android, Firefox and Chrome extensions.
  • Prices are affordable and support multiple payment methods such as Bitcoin, card, Perfect money and PayPal
  • Unfortunately, Ivacy VPN does not offer a free plan or trial


  • No refunds with Bitcoin payments
  • No free trial period


Every now and then, you will encounter a blocked add-on on major streaming sites. This is because of restrictions on some countries where it is not permitted to access streaming content on some add-ons. It is therefore important to use a VPN like Ivacy to bypass these restrictions.

With its many servers in different locations, you will be able to access all content from streaming sites and get protected too.

The process of using Ivacy VPN for streaming is easy. Just launch the VPN then enter login details. Select the best server that will unblock the content that you want and hit connect.

Choose PPTP OR ikeV2 protocol for unblocking and security.  When a successful connection is achieved, select streaming and you will be able to watch and play games on add-ons that were blocked.

I would recommend Ivacy VPN because it has affordable price plans, it is easy to install and use, Ivacy VPN is secure and safe and is compatible with almost all devices. Its speed is superb making it ideal for watching or playing games on all media sites.

Ivacy VPN Works for streaming sites because it has optimized VPN servers and allow its users to stream anything and anywhere. Instead of reducing speed like other VPNs when streaming or playing games, Ivacy VPN improves gaming speeds while playing on media sites.

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