IPVanish for Kodi Review 2018 :- Best VPN for Kodi { with Discount Code }

When you use the network without any protection, you undoubtedly hand over your personal information to the scammers or snoopers. Network or internet browsing can be dangerous with an unsecured connection as it may open up your intellectual data to the web and can cause harm.

Then the solution is to make your connection, safe and secure and comparatively faster. Using a VPN like IPVanish can help you protect your private data when you are browsing or streaming the different types of files or games over the internet.


VPN or Virtual Private Network is the private network that Is free to the general people. The main motto of the VPN is to provide the Kodi user the fastest speed with utmost security. A VPN allows the user to keep their identity safe.

 Even ISP will not be allowed to know the identity of the user or what they are doing on the internet. A VPN allows the user to surf the fastest server around the world. A VPN is a lot safer in case of web surfing and exchanging private data throughout the web.

The all-around safety measures enable us to ensure the best security, protecting the private data of the user. Hackers are prominent on the internet always. To protect the user's data from the hands of the hackers VPN is a perfect choice.

Features of IPVanish for Kodi

IPVanish has a wide range of features along with a friendly user interface which will suit best for Kodi. IPVanish can be configured in a wide range of devices.

 IPVanish also provides some native applications for Kodi and even other platforms like Android, ChromeOS, Linux, Mac OS, and Windows. All these operating systems make IPVanish a universal VPN.

As it is compatible with most devices and operating systems, IPVanish is also found to provide an appreciable service in delivering the Pre customized VPN routers for devices that can’t have VPN software like the PlayStation 4.

Installing A VPN in your router will help you secure all the traffic that is flowing through the router. This feature of IPVanish helped the user to protect the data with 100 percent accuracy. The users who are used to heavy downloading prefer IPVanish for faster and more straightforward download experience.

Coming to the user interface of IPVanish the look is designed attractively and is improving over the updates so that it will suit the best for Kodi.

The main page has most of the things you need. The main page also has a distinctive feature allowing the user to choose the specific country along with the particular server of that country. At the center of the interface, the user can easily see the network performance and speed of the server they are using.

The bottom of the screen contains vital statistics of the network like connection time and Protocol. The main screen also includes essential controls such as controls to change the VPN protocol to L2TP, or to PPTP from OpenVPN (TPC or UDP). This elaborate and emphasized control helps the user to control their IPVanish VPN application quickly.

IPVanish lets you browse the web without a trace. With its Zero log technology, you keep no traces while browsing the web. Your internet service provider will also have significant difficulty or sometimes fail to trace you or see what are you doing on the internet. IPVanish will allow you to browse the web more securely.

IPVanish is more prominent in Kodi as well as in Windows 10. It has a natural installation process for the Kodi. Its performance with Android devices and MAC OS are also commendable.

The Foremost Features Of IPVanish

IPVanish comes with many Hightech features, making the user more comfortable towards using this VPN. Letting alone the purchase price for IPVanish the users are genuinely attracted towards the extraordinary features of IPVanish.

 IPVanish allows an extensive and encrypted access to the BitTorrent and P2P services. The service of IPVanish is competitive compared to other VPNs in the market. IPVanish’s speed is not extraordinary.

Though for its high-tech features, it is not moving out from the competition of being the Editor’s choice. IPVanish is still in the race with KeepSolid VPN Unlimited, NordVPN, Private Internet Access, and PureVPN. All these VPNs take IPVanish into account as the most prominent high tech VPN on the market.

 IPVanish also has one more exclusive feature. IPVanish can secure any internet connection is used. IPVanish changes the real IP Address to a new one so that your IP can't be tracked. IPVanish also offers you the most beautiful censorship filters to access the purest internet possible.

 IPVanish has 950+anonymous servers. These servers help in making the internet unrestricted and encrypted. This server also obtains the browsing faster from anywhere around the world.

Details about Servers Of IPVanish

IPVanish has some servers all around the world. Its prominent servers all around the world in 61 countries, providing an excellent service regarding speed and security. The IPVanish has servers all around the world, including Africa, Asia (including China), Central and South America, North America, Europe, India, and the Middle East.

These diversified geographical servers are also flexible in speed and security. All around the other VPNs, the NORDVPN has 3000 servers around the world. For better information, it is notable that IPVanish is suspended in Russia for its conflict with the local law regarding the Zero Log policy of the company. Following to which IPVanish has its Headquarters in the US as it follows the zero log policy.

About The speed of IPVanish

IPVanish is considered as one of the fastest VPN services around the world. The Speed reaches the highest peak of 80 Mbps offering the high-speed game streaming and files downloading. Following the downloading speed, IPVanish also provides higher upload speed.

 The upload speed of IPVanish supports the online gaming and P2P technology, providing a much better gaming experience especially over Kodi. Its performance in distant servers with the same speed is indeed praiseworthy.

Price and Payment Method OF IPVanish

IPVanish has a simple and easy payment method. The service cost can be paid monthly, quarterly and Annually. The service cost per month is $11.99. This payment can be made once in three months with a charge of $35.97.

 The payment can also be made annually with a fee of $143.88. Users will usually like this easy payment method in three intervals. The users can use different payment methods in case of paying the charge as well. A person can pay using a debit card or credit card as well as via PayPal, Boleto, GiroPay, iDeal, and, of course, Bitcoin.

 This universal payment method has made IPVanish more user-friendly. The IPVanish is trying its best to make their services affordable. They are providing various deals and discounts to make the service more and more cost-efficient for Kodi users.

You may find more options when pricing is the main issue. Like the keep, Solid VPN unlimited has the monthly plans under $7. If the user doesn’t want to spend any money for using VPN, they can try a free VPN. This VPN has various helpful features along with some disadvantages. I have explained about its fast features and offers.

Now I will provide a sum up of the article which will describe the bullet points about the VPN. After reading this review, you will catch up the exact review at a glance. The benefits you will get from IPVanish will surpass the cons for sure.



  • check
    IPVanish is faster than most of the VPNs available in market
  • check
    IPVanish has servers in 61 countries
  • check
    It is the best choice for VPN of many nations
  • check
    IPVanish has advanced features like IP Address changing and encrypted access to bit torrent
  • check
    IPVanish is compatible with most of the operating systems including Windows, Android, and MAC OS.
  • check
    IPVanish helps to keep your data safe
  • check
    IPVanish offers excellent speed regarding downloading and uploading data.
  • check
    It lets you browse the web without a trace.
  • check
    It worked great with Kodi and considered to be the best.
  • check
    The friendly user interface helps comfortable use.
  • check
    The main screen of the App interface controls to select the country and server also the statistics of the network used.
  • check
    The main screen also contains the network performance graph for easier maintenance of the VPN
  • check
    IPVanish lacks in Customer service
  • check
    IPVanish has a High price ( don't worry you will get huge discount )
  • check
    IPVanish’s speed is not extraordinary.

Why You Should Use IPVanish

IPVanish will be the right choice for the people habituated with heavy downloading. IPVanish is good regarding downloading and uploading data with a comparatively good speed. When it comes to selecting the most secured best VPN for Kodi, IPVanish stands first which is the best in security and privacy.

As it offers great privacy in keeping your identity safe. There are many features in IPVanish featuring the protection of the IPVanish. The features like changing the IP address and changing the VPN protocol from OpenVPN (TPC or UDP) to L2TP.

These features make the internet browsing safer and faster with IPVanish. IPVanish will be the right choice for the users wanting to browse the internet anonymously and safely.

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