7 Best VPN for FireStick (2018) :- How to Install

Using Firestick helps you in turning on your TV with ease. This method is cheaper and convenient than other ways of connecting your TV. You should choose the best VPN for Firestick.

You only need to have a port for USB and a reliable streaming device which has an internet connection.

You will be able to watch unlimited TV programs and movies. You can ‘fake’ your location using a VPN to allow you to get rid of geo-restrictions. For you to encrypt your internet traffic, you can use an intermediary server.

This way, a content provider will not limit your access because they will see as if you are in their location. You can freely access some contents that have a geo-lock. They include Hulu, iPlayer, Prime Amazon Videos, HBO, Netflix, and BBC.

You can make your experience awesome and private by using the best VPN on Fire Sticks. You will hide your location and your online activities.

The operating system for Android supports the use of TV sticks. The VPN providers can come up with reliable Android apps.


The only challenge is that TV Fire Sticks cannot access the contents that are on Google Play. You cannot be in a position to download the materials that are there. The earlier version of Fire Stick was not able to support any VPN app.

To avoid frustrations, you should choose the VPN that is convenient. Your choice should depend on the function that you want it to do.

The VPN should be faster to avoid time wastage that comes with long buffering. This will make your streaming to be swift.

Ensure that the dealer you are buying from tests the VPN for you before you buy it. Several VPN types are slow. This makes them inconvenient; you will take a lot of time before you stream any content.

There is something that is important for you to note about all VPNs. All of them will reduce the initial speed when you connect to the internet. There are some that are slower than the others depending on the service provider.

You will need the best VPN when you are installing a hugely popular. This deals mostly with a Kodi media player that is an open- source.

You will need a flexible VPN that is compatible with every type of Kodi add-ons. This will help you to conceal your identity when you are doing various internet activities. No one will be able to trace your downloading contents.

ipvanish review

IPVanish is convenient for all users. It is among the best VPN for Kodi.

 It has more than 40,000 IP addresses for sharing; this helps in increasing the level of anonymity.

They have over one thousand servers in sixty different countries. This helps in increasing its speed and efficiency.

All the accounts have SOCKS5 that is a web proxy. Users have a right to get any content from websites and applications that have censorship.

Different protocols are available for the users. They include PPTP, L2TP, and Open VPN. You can be able to log into your account using ten different devices at the same time.

How To Subscribe To IPVanish VPN And The Steps to Install It on Firestick

The app for IPVanish is now readily available. You can find it on the app store that is the default for TV Fire Sticks. You can also find it on Fire TV app.

It has been available since August 2017.

Steps To Follow

  • To search for VPN, go to the homepage. Click at App then go to Categories. Click at ‘Utility’ button.
  • You will get a long list. Click at IPVanish VPN on that list.
  • For you to download and install this app click at a yellow sign which is next to a ‘Get’ sign.
  • check-circle
    For you to launch the IPVanish press the yellow sign that is near to the ‘open’ sign. You will do this on the same page after you install the app.
  • check-circle
    You will need to fill in your account for IPVanish and the password. You will not need to repeat this process because you will only do it once.
  • check-circle
    Press the login button when you are through with all the above processes.
  • check-circle
    When you are through, you can opt to click on the server or click at ‘connect’ button. The connect button will enable you to connect to the VPN directly.

Remember that this VPN for Firestick is reliable, most comfortable to set-up and operate. You can only get the app update from the app store for Amazon when you are not dealing with any APK installation.

Suppose you were using an alternative app earlier, you will not get the app update from Amazon app. Before you download the current app, you should uninstall the earlier IPVanish APK.

  • It is faster. You will be able to stream the contents online that you have interest. You can stream many contents within a short period. You will save time that would be lost when you would be using a slow VPN.
  • It is compatible with all add-ons for Kodi. You will not have to source for another VPN for various add-ons.
  • It conceals your identity. Your service provider and other unauthorized people will not be able to trace your online activities. You can keep your information in private unless you want to reveal it to particular people.
  • It is easy to set up and operate. You will not have to be an expert to set up IPVanish or use it. You can access its app when you visit its official app store that is built.
  • It has its server in many countries globally. The servers make it possible for users who are in different parts of the world to unblock various streaming services. They include Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and Netflix US. They help in improving its speed.
  • Guarantee for a refund. Clients get a 30 day for testing This VPN when they buy it. They get a guarantee that they will get their money back. This is supposing they don’t get the satisfaction when they are using this VPN within 30 days.
  • It is not compatible with some services like Netflix.
  • It is not compatible with The Orion Network (TOR). TOR prevents leaking of user’s information. It conceals both the identity and location of the user.
  • It does not have a 24/7 customer’s care support service. Clients need reliable support that they can count on when they need it.
  • From its reviews, there are complaints that they are unable to resolve issues when they arise

This VPN keeps no logs of your online activities. It has ultra security that guarantees all users that their data will remain safe and private when they are using it.

It is fast and hence convenient. It has over 2000 servers globally. This ensures that this VPN is swift. It enables users to do various activities within a short duration. It is a first generation VPN and ranks at the top list of the best VPN for Firestick.

It bandwidth has no limitation. There is no limitation on the amount of information and data that you can transfer within a specific duration.

You are not limited on the contents that you can download or stream. You can access any of the Express VPN servers anytime and stream all the materials that you need.

This VPN will conceal your IP address so you will remain anonymous. This will ensure that no one can track your online activities. Express VPN does not keep any logs on your actions and the connections. All your online activities remain a top secret to you alone.

It has a new release; it now has apps that compact with Android, iOS, routers, Windows, Linux, and Mac. It is compatible with Android TV boxes, Apple TV, Smart TV, and Play Station.

 It is easy for you to download and to install within a short duration. After downloading and installing you can quickly connect it to your devices.

This app utilizes encryption of AES 256 CBC, TLSv1.2 and 4096 bit. It has split tunneling, DNS/IPv6 leak protector, and a kill switch. This offers firm security to the user’s data and traffic.

It has various VPN protocols that include the following: PPTP, SSTP, Open VPN and L2TP/IPSec. You can link it to several devices concurrently.

It has a money back guarantee. You can buy any of the Express VPN plans without fear. You will get your money back within 30 days from when you raise your concern to suppose you will not be comfortable with its services.

It has different plans that are inclusive of Express VPN apps to fits the needs of different users. All the projects have a guarantee of a refund within 30 days.

They include:


  • This one cost 99.95$ annually or 8.32 $ per month.


  • It will cost you a total of 155.4$ for one year or 12.95$ per month

Six Months

  • Suppose you want to take a six months subscription you will pay a total of 59.95$ or 9.99$ per month.

They have an active customer care service that runs for 24/7.

  • It does not restrict its users from streaming any content that they need.
  • It has one thousand and seven hundred servers in one hundred and forty countries.
  • It has a high speed due to its number of servers. The connection is stable. This reduces time long buffering and time wastage.
  • It has high security. It has 256-bit encryption which ensures that the user’s information cannot leak.
  • It allows you to make one subscription for your three different devices.
  • It is affordable and has the best rate in the market; people of varying living standards can afford to buy it.
  • It does not have a free trial.
  • It does not give a guarantee of refunding user’s money within thirty days after the subscription.
nordvpn review

NordVPN has high security and privacy that is not compromising. Every user looks for a VPN for Firestick that will provide 100% security and privacy.

It is compatible with Windows, Android, MacOS, iPhone, iOS, Linux, Microsoft window and Android TV. You can have it on various platforms like Routers, Personal computer, Smart TV and Smartphone.

You can enjoy a Firefox and Chrome browsers proxy extensions. You will need to do a manual setup when you are linking it to wireless routers, Linux and NAS devices.

It conceals the user IP address and location. It encrypts all users’ data so that it does not leak to 3rd parties.

It uses PPTP, and L2TP protocols. Other technologies apply to Nord VPN. They include IKEv2 and Open VPN.

Android and Windows’ apps use strong encryption of AES-256-CBC which has a key of 2048-bit. You will enjoy a fantastic CyberSec feature that keeps you from malware, blocks ads and hinders botnet regulations.

Nord VPN has four thousand, four hundred and ten servers in sixty-two different countries. Most of its servers are in Sweden, Netherlands, United States, Germany, France, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia.

This makes their server to be swift even when you are connecting several devices. You can concurrently link a maximum of 6 devices.

When you are using Nord VPN you will enjoy other services like double encryption, Cover from DDoS ambush, TOR private network, and P2P sharing.

There are official websites where you can access the Nord Apps. They include an App store for Amazon, the App store for Apple, and the play store for Google.

Nord VPN does not keep any logs or cookies of your online activities. It has an automatic kill switch which ensures that your data are safe at all times.

You will have unlimited freedom to download, stream, transfer data and torrent freely.

It has different categories of the plans, and all of them have a free trial of 7 days. Its price is a bit higher, and its speed is lower than that of most of its competitors. You can buy any of its plans using Bitcoin.

Every plan has a 30 days money back guarantee. You can claim your money back after purchasing if you are not happy with this VPN.

You will enjoy a 24/7 customer care service and instant feedback.


  • This is a one year plan which costs 69 dollars or 5.75 dollars monthly. You can take advantage of the holiday offer and get a discount of 77%.


  •  It is a one month plan which cost 11.95 dollars monthly.

Best offer

This is a two years plan. It cost 3.29 dollars monthly. A 2 years subscription costs 79 dollars.

This VPN has two types of kill switch which are automatic. They have one for the mobile phones and the desktops.

The one for desktops has a limitation because it supports only macOS and Windows. The mobile version compacts with iOS (latest version) and Android 7.

  • It has a kill switch that is automatic. You will not need to operate it.
  • It keeps no logs.
  • It has dual encryption. This ensures high security.
  • It has two thousand six hundred and forty-nine servers globally. This ensures that it maintains high speed, it is reliable.
  • Bitcoin subscribers do not get the refund.
  • Its price is higher than that of its competitors.
  • Its speed is not stable. It varies depending on the time and the number of people using the server at that particular time. It is slower on peak hours and faster during off-peak hours.
vyprvpn review

VyprVPN offers safety and privacy when you are doing your online activities. It conceals your location, IP address and hides your online activities.

 It always encrypts your data to ensure that they cannot leak into spies, governmental surveillance, and hackers.

When you are using VyprVPN, you can access all the Media that have geo-restriction. 

It disguises your IP address and makes you appear like you are in the countries where its servers are. The servers are in over 70 different countries globally.

Your internet service provider can track your online activities, control your internet connections and limit your internet speed. When you use VyprVPN, you prevent the ISP to have control and to monitor your connections.

This VPN maintains high uncompromising security. They do not involve any 3rd party because they own their hardware. They operate their network and manage over 700 servers that are in 70 different countries globally.

This VPN enables you to surf faster than you would do without it. It is compatible with Android, Linux, Mac, Windows, routers, smart TV, and iOS.

It has over two hundred thousand IP address for the users to share. This is an advantage because it increases the anonymity level of the users.

There is no limitation on when you can switch the server. You can access it anytime you want. It does not limit the quantity of data that you can transfer. You can stream and download freely without any restriction.

It has an automatic kill switch that maintains your security and privacy even when a VPN connection goes down.

VyprVPN keeps several data for thirty days when you use it. They include the IP address of the VyprVPN that you are using, the IP address of your source, the bytes you use and the connection duration.

They use the information for the following purposes:

  • Evaluating their service delivery.
  • AUP issues.
  • Troubleshooting.
  • check-circle
    Crimes follow up.
  • check-circle
    TOS issues
  • check-circle

They have different plans which you can either subscribe monthly or annually. They have a free trial of three days. They have low prices which attract many users.

Monthly Plan

This one cost 9.95 dollars a month. This will add up to 119.4 dollars for one year. You will get a trial of three days free of charge.

It allows you to connect up to three devices at the same time.

Premium Plan

This plan is expensive than the monthly plan. It costs 12.95 dollars per month. The total for one year is 155.4 dollars.

It has an option for a free three days free trial. You can connect five different devices simultaneously. The only limitation with this free trial is that it can allow you to connect to only two devices at the same time.

This is unlike others that allow you to connect up to five devices when you are on free trial.

You are free to access its set protocols as well. They include Secure Domain Name Server (DNS), Chameleon protocol and Network Address Translation firewall (NAT).

All plans VyprVPN has a NAT firewall (Network Address Translation). It helps in getting rid of the traffic that they don’t need. It scans open ports as well.

You are only given a data of one GB after which you have to choose a plan for you to access it.

When you subscribe to a premium plan, you get the right to access the VyprVPN Cloud and Chameleon Protocol.

The Chameleon protocol uses 256-bit encryption. It helps you in accessing media that has geo-lock.

VpyrVPN Cloud provides two-layer security to users who access cloud server. It functions well along with Digital Ocean, Virtual Box, and Amazon Web.

Is It Compatible With Android

VyprVPN has an excellent user interface for Android. Its Android app (for VPN) utilizes Chameleon and OpenVPN protocols.

  • It has a high speed. It has a secure DNS server.
  • It has seven hundred servers in fifty-two different countries. This ensures that people in different parts of the world can access servers that are not in their location.
  • It helps in unlocking media that has geo-lock.
  • check-circle
    It has a simple procedure for downloading and installation.
  • check-circle
     It allows you to use one account to connect several devices at the same time.
  • check-circle
    It uses reliable protocols. They include L2TP, Chameleon, PPTP, and OpenVPN.
  • It is expensive.
  • It provides you with only three days of free trial. Many other VPNs give you 30 days free trial.
  • It allows you to connect to only two devices during the trial. Others allow you to connect to five devices simultaneously.
  • When you subscribe, you can connect to five devices only. There are others that exceed that number.

This VPN has a high speed that outmatches most of its competitors. It allows you to connect to up to five different devices.

It gives you a thirty-day trial. It helps you to access various media that have a geo-restriction like BBC iPlayer and US Netflix.

Its app supports MacOS, Windows, iOS, Linux, routers, and Android. It enables you to stream HD contents, and it allows P2P (Peer to peer) connection.

 It has a remarkable high speed due to its over 45 servers that are in different countries all over the world. It does not limit you to the time that you should switch the servers.

There is no limitation on the number of contents that you can download, stream and transfer. You can get all the contents that you like.

It encrypts all your information and data using reliable protocols. Government surveillance and hackers cannot access your information.

You can use TCP (Transmission Control Protocol), Open VPN and UDP (User Datagram Protocol) when you are using Buffered VPN.

It has a kill switch that disconnects the internet when the VPN connection goes down. This ensures that there is no leakage of information, especially to the internet service provider. It reconnects automatically when the VPN get its network back.

It has a unique mode known as port discovery. You can scan the available network and open ports. You can connect to the Wi-Fi in various places without having a password.

You will enjoy this service only when you are using Apple Mac and Windows. You can click on ‘settings’ and then click on ‘test Firewall.’

Its customer care service is reliable; it runs for 24/7. You can write to them at any time, and you will get instant feedback.

It has three plans, and all of them have a refund guarantee of 30 days.

Monthly Plan

This plan cost 12.99 dollars per month and totals to 155.88 dollars per year.

Bi-Annual Plan

You will pay 9.99 dollars per month for you to subscribe to this plan. You will pay 59.94 dollars for you to make a full subscription of six months.

Annual Plan

This plan is cheaper than the other two. You will pay 8.25 dollars per month or 99 dollars annually.

It has a guarantee of 30-day refund in instances where clients are unhappy.

You can make your payment via any of the following means: American Express, Visa, Discover, PayPal, Diners Club and MasterCard.

  • Its software works well on Mac and Windows.
  • They have a 24/7 customer care service that assists clients at any time of the day or night.
  • It unblocks geo-restriction on BBC iPlayer and Netflix US.
  • It allows P2P (peer-to-peer)
  • It is reliable, and it assures you of security.
  • It has a high speed.
  • Its monthly subscription is costly.

This VPN has a high speed, and many people are embracing it globally. It helps users in unblocking media that has a geo-restriction like BBC and US Netflix.

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are not able to access your data when you are using it. This is because its security has a multilayer.

They disguise your actual location by replacing your IP address with theirs. This makes you appear as if you are where their server is, and it helps in concealing your location.

It has reliable and robust encryption that shields your data from hackers and other people who don’t have your authority.

You will enjoy high speed that allows you to do many things in a short duration. It does not have a limitation of the quantity of information that you can stream, download, and share.

It is compatible with Android, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Mac. It has a high speed because it has over 80 servers in 56 different countries.

When you are in China, you can only connect to it using L2TP VPN. It uses encryption of 256 bit and has a key of 2048 bit DH which provides high security.

 It has different plans that include:


  • This one costs 72$ per year or 5.95 monthly.

Three Months

  • It cost a total of 55.5$ or 7.31$ per month.


For those who subscribe to a monthly plan, they pay 10.95$ per month.

An annual subscription is cheaper than the other plans. The only challenge is that it will cost you a lot of money at once.

  • Its encryption is durable and reliable. It conceals your location, identity and internet activities.
  • It keeps no logs. No one can trace the history of your internet activities.
  • You can subscribe using Bitcoin.
  • It has servers in over fifty different countries. This ensures that clients get the best service.
  • It is not compatible with Netflix.
  • It keeps cookies.
  • Its speed varies with time and number of people who are using the server at a particular time.

Ivacy helps in keeping your online activities private and secure. When you subscribe to one account, it allows you to connect to up to five different devices concurrently.

It has strong encryption of 256-bit that ensures that your information doesn’t leak at all. No one can be able to hack your account.

You will enjoy a bandwidth that has no limitation. There is no restriction on the amount of data that you can share and transfer. You will be able to stream and download all the contents you choose.

It has 450 servers in over 100 countries like Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. This makes Ivacy VPN have a high speed despite where you are connecting. It eliminates time wastage that comes with long buffering.

It allows P2P, and it uses the strong protocols that keep your data safe. They include the following: SSTP, L2TP, IKEv, Stealth, OpenVPN, and PPTP.

It has a kill switch which keeps you safe even when the connection for your VPN is down or is not available at all.

You can choose which traffic you need because it has a split tunnel that gives you room to choose.

Ivacy helps you to transfer various data to different sources without any hindrance. It has no limitation at all on the amount of data that you can transfer.

There is no limitation on the times that you can switch to the server. You have the freedom to do your activities any time you want.

You can set priority and split the data traffic. You can use a VPN tunnel to channel your data.

It does not keep any logs that relate to your online activities and your connection. You can connect up to 5 different devices concurrently.

It has two types of plans:

Starters Plan

  • Starters plan goes for 11.95 dollars per month. It has a refund guarantee.

Unlimited Plan

  • You will need 2.5 dollars for you to subscribe every month. It totals to 30 dollars a year.
  • It keeps no log of your connections and traffic.
  • It has various protocols that enhance security and privacy.
  • It has an IPv6 Leak Protector. It directs LL IPv6 to a VPN. This helps in hindering leakage.
  • It has strong encryption of 256-bit. This enhances security and privacy.
  • It has a reliable DNS
  • It has a loyal customer care service that runs for 24/7.
  • They refund users within seven days.
  • Its monthly plan is costly.

Why Do You Need VPN On FireStick?

1.    To Conceal Your Identity And To Protect Your Data Privacy

Many people use the internet to do various activities online, and some of them are sensitive. An example of this is doing transactions on your bank account.

You would not like to expose your data, would you? This is why you need VPN because it encrypts your information.

2.    To Unblock Media Services That Has Geo-lock

It enables you to access media that has a geo-restriction. An example of this is Hulu, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Pandora and Popcorn time.

The VPN helps you to disguise your location; it makes you appear like you are in a location that has no geographical restriction.

3.    It ensures That People cannot trace your online activities

VPN ensures that people cannot discover what you search on the internet. It helps you in keeping your hide your activities.

4.    It Helps In Unblocking Website

Students and employees use VPN to unblock their school and workplace websites so that they can access entertainment.

5.    To Avoid Government Tracking.

Government spies their citizen’s activities for security reasons. No one would like people to snoop into their online activities. You can use VPN to protect this.

How To Install VPN On Your Firestick.

There are three methods of installing VPN on your Firestick. Each technique has different steps as we will discuss below.

We will discuss two types of steps you will use to make the installation.

1. VPNs that are not Express VPN or IPVanish are not available on the app store (the default).

Steps To Follow

You will have to enable the Fire TV to allow installation of apps from various unknown sources.

  • Start the Fire TV. Click at ‘settings’ then ‘Device.’
  • When you scroll downwards, you will see ‘developer options.’ Click at that button.
  • Click on ADB debugging and apps from anonymous sources.
  • Go to the main menu and click at ‘about’ button.
  • Click on ‘network.’
  • Note down your Fire TV IP address on a safe place because you will need it later.

After this process, you can be able to use other apps that are not from Amazon app store. It will not be easy for you to make use of Google Play or to download any APK files.

To evade this difficulty and complication, you can use various methods as we will discuss below. The methods will depend on your preference.

2. Downloading And Installing The VPN APK App on Second Generation TV Firestick

It’s an easy method for a person whose VPN provider has their file for Android APK available through download. When you can download it, you will not need Google Play and any other app store.

Android devices use an installation method that includes a package for Android application and APK. For you to be safe and to avoid downloading a corrupt file, ensure that you download APKs from the website that is specifically for VPN providers.

A file that has malware and virus can make your device to crash.

IPVanish is an example of VPNs that allow its users to access their website to get the packages for Android app and APK. Research the sites before downloading any content. Ensure that it has a good reputation.

Download the live URL for the APK for current TV Firestick, or second generation.

Steps To Follow

Start your device. Go to the top part that has ‘search’ and click it.

  • You will see an orange icon which is for installation. Click on it so that you can go to the next step.
  • Copy the URL or write it on the downloader. The URL is for the file of VPN APK application. For the long ones, you can write in a URL for the particular page that has a direct download link. When you click on ‘search,’ a browser will automatically open. You can download APK from it.
  • The file should download automatically. Suppose it does not download, you can install the APK by clicking at Apk file in the downloader app.

Some VPN providers will not state that they allow the APK files direct download. You can get in touch with the specific customer care to check whether they can help you out with the file for APK or its link. This is the last option suppose you don’t get the file on the website for the VPN providers.

There is another option for you suppose the rest fails. Upload the file that you need to cloud storage. An example of this storage is Dropbox. You can make use of the downloader after you are done with this process to get the file.

You can use the method for drag and drop the APK file on the location that you want. This is after you use the USB port for your computer to connect the Fire TV to your computer.

3.    Using VPN App On A Second Generation TV Firestick And Using A newer One Using An Android Device

For you to use this method, you must be having 2nd generation of a TV Firestick. You can still use it suppose you have a second or current Android device that supports Google Play. This can include tablets and smartphones.

  • You will start by downloading this particular app on your second device.
  • When you get the content, use the Apps2Fire to move the content to your TV Firestick.

You can check the model of your device to identify the Firestick that you are using. You will recognize the second generation Firestick readily. This is because it has some codes on its surface. The code is ‘LY73PR’

The Steps to Follow

Go to Google play and download Apps2Fire. You will have to use your 2nd generation Android device for this to be successful. Install it after downloading.

  • Use the same device to download a VPN app of your choice. You will need to go to Google Play for you to be able to download and install it.
  • Click at the three dots that are at the corner on the top of that page. This will help you in launching this app.
  • Click at ‘set-up’ button.
  • Go to the gap for the IP address on your TV Firestick. Fill in the IP address that you got from step one on the first stage.
  • Click on the ‘save’ button.
  • Upload the app by clicking on the three dots that are at the top at the corner. You will upload by clicking on the ‘upload apps.’
  • For you to upload is successfully, click at VPN app that you have an interest. It will directly install on the TV Firestick that you are working.
  • You can use Apps2Fire suppose you do not have an app. This will work conveniently even when you don’t have APK file that is for VPN app.

An option that does not require you to have the 2nd Android device is much better and more accessible.

How To Choose The Best VPN For Firestick

There are many factors you should consider when you are buying VPN for Firestick.

1. Cost

Look for a VPN that is worth your expense. Go for the one that guarantees you a refund so that you don’t risk losing your money.

The one that offers you a free trial will give you room to test it before you subscribe.

2. Speed

VPNs that have many servers in different countries have a high speed. Avoid a VPN that will waste your time through long buffering.

Encryption of traffic can make VPNs to be slower. The speed of each depends on the service provider.

3. Log Policy

VPN conceal your connection and traffic. You should buy a VPN for Firestick that doesn’t keep your log. The VPNs that keeps logs might sell them to third-parties.

4. Global Coverage

The VPN for Firestick that has many servers has a high speed and has many connection options. The chances of the connection failure are uncommon when the servers are many in different parts.

5. Protocols And Encryption

Encryption helps in ensuring that your data is secure. Different VPNs have different encryption strength which determines the level of the security.

OpenVPN is the most reliable protocol. Consider using it so that your data will be safe from snoopers.

6. Customer Care Service

Consider buying a VPN for Firestick that offers 24/7 customer care service. The one that has ‘alive’ chat is better because you will get instant feedback when you need it.

Some that have an email as the only channel of communication takes longer to respond.


Ensure that you link your Firestick to the VPN. Use a reliable Wi-Fi router. The VPN server needs a reliable internet source for it to function well.

Take a VPN for Firestick that has a high speed to avoid long buffering that waste a lot of time. VPN encrypts your information so that it cannot lick to non-authorized people.

Do not go for the one that keeps logs or the cache. Those who keep logs can sell your information to 3rd parties. This would endanger your security and privacy.

Cost is a factor but does not go for a cheap VPN that is not safe. It would be better you spend more and conceal your identity, location, and activities.

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