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The internet never forgets; a disclaimer used to caution online users on the dangers of the internet. The internet has linked the world on a platform to share with friends and families.

This is especially true with the growth of social media and trade transactions for online businesses expanding rapidly.

The internet has advanced dramatically over the millennia. It has become a source of income to a majority of online business owners.


With online businesses being the top trending businesses and the world advancing in technology, the internet has become the field of interaction with clients and institutions. Though for the most part, online browsing during our free time is streaming and downloading videos and music.

Large firms, individuals, and companies have invested heavily in technology and have used the internet to grow their businesses and organizations. The internet is a gateway to interact with clients as the world moves towards globalization.

Why Privacy?

Clients discussing business contracts over the internet on the various platforms and websites is one thing; ensuring their anonymity, security, and safety is a whole other cup of tea. 

Internet safety and security is the most challenging factor of the internet today.

With social media creating a platform for their clients to share and post while online businesses, government institutions, and other organizations conduct business on their websites, online interactions have become comfortable. 

Businesses based on online streaming media offer to download and streaming programs, movies, and music from the comfort of your home. Open sources press like Kodi offer these services but with caution about privacy for their clients.

Over the years, the concern of online browsing, social media interactions, and online streaming in privacy and safety have propelled the discovery and exponential advancement of Virtual Private Networks.

Although operating systems and internet service providers do what they can to ensure safety and security, there is room for error, and that is the main reason why VPNs are so popular.  There is need to safeguard our children, personal information, and sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands.

Bad online players challenge themselves every day to find business opportunities based on security loopholes. Wherefore, security and safety concerns for online users have grown antivirus companies, data encryption professionals, and virtual private network companies.

Virtual Private Networks:

Virtual private networks abbreviated as VPN is a technology that is intended to connect online users from their private networks to a public system securely. The applications operating on VPN ensure that users are system secured from bad actors.

The success of a VPN network depends on its management and the ability of the system to provide enough security for its users. The VPN technology was at first meant to let remote users and satellite office outlets to access corporate and other resources securely.

VPNs enable users to access data from anywhere in the world. The network will secure your connection, remotely hide your IP identity and location through proxy server connections and stay anonymous.

It is essential to use VPN networks, especially when using public systems in public places. The VPN can also be used to bypass geo-restrictions and censoring.

Though VPNs can’t make online connections entirely incognito, they increase your privacy and security.

The virtual private network will typically authenticate remote access using encryption techniques and tunnel protocols.

Virtual private network security model provides:

  • Sender authentication which prevents unauthorized access to the VPN
  • Confidentiality in the sense that, if the traffic were to be sniffed by the packet or deep packet inspection only encrypted data would be available on the sniffer.
  • Message safety protocols to detect any tampering with message transmission.

The VPN allows you to connect the internet to a remote server run by the VPN service provider, and the information from your source transfers through an encryption connection called VPN tunnel.

The internet service provider will never be able to access your online activity and transactions if the VPN you use provides encryption and point to point connection.

What is Kodi?

Kodi allows users to access streaming videos, music, and programs from the internet and other available digital media files from local network storage media.

Kodi customizes their services allowing users to connect to other online services through plugins. Through Kodi, you can access services like Amazon Prime instant video, Pandora internet, Radio, Rhapsody, Spotify, and YouTube.

Most people have Kodi installed on their various operating systems and hardware platforms. It also allows users to play and view most online streaming media such as videos, music, podcasts, and media files from local network storage and media.

Kodi VPN will enable you to access, without restriction, your favorite channels from anywhere in the world.

User reviews on Kodi website and Kodi fan dome suggest the best VPN services for Kodi optimize streaming and point to point connection supported by high-speed video & music streaming.

With a good Kodi VPN, you can achieve:

  • A guaranteed high-speed streaming
  • Fast transmission of contents. This eliminates the buffering and delays.
  • Easy accessibility of the materials with just one click connection modes
  • File-Sharing with 100% Anonymity
  • With the best VPN, your internet service providers will not manage your streaming or download speed.
  • Access anything without the governments, hackers and other third parties monitoring your internet activities. You will be browsing under the radar and untraceable on the web.

Kodi native applications include:

  • Kodi for Linux
  • Kodi for OS x
  • Kodi for windows
  • Kodi for iOS
  • Kodi for android

With Kodi being a free and open source software and a platform to stream and download entertainment materials, music, videos, and programs, the number of online users that access this platform are copious.

To safeguard your personal information while browsing and accessing Kodi online, we have decided to evaluate the best free virtual private networks to use.

While there are paid VPN providers on the market, free VPN providers will provide the same service without a subscription.

The difference between a paid VPN service and a free VPN service is that most of the free VPN service providers may share your information with third parties for a profit.

This is not to say that a free VPN will not sufficiently secure your IP address, no, it only means that since all VPN providers are out to make money somehow, free VPN providers are more likely to sell your information-email address mostly- to third-party organizations for marketing purposes.

If you do not mind occasional spam marketing emails-which, we all get anyway-we have a breakdown of the best free VPN for Kodi that you can use.

Is Kodi Legal?

This question is a nugget scratcher for most internet users. While there is no doubt that Kodi is quite popular among users who love to stream, the uncertainty and misinformation surrounding this question are cause enough for us to discuss it.

On its own, Kodi, as earlier stated is a free open source software designed to stream media on a range of devices. This is perfectly legal. So, downloading Kodi into your device is legal.

However, Kodi does allow third-party Add-ons, and this is where the legal waters get murky. Some third-party Add-ons can access and let users, through Kodi, to download or stream copyrighted material or what is typically known as Pirating.

Kodi’s open source nature allows users to download and install Add-ons of a malicious nature. Granted, some of the users may not know the nature of the Add-on and maybe ignorantly breaking the law. That notwithstanding, users who are found pirating material are liable for prosecution.

It is no surprise, therefore, that all Kodi users are advised to employ the services of a good VPN provider to stay out of trouble. There are numerous VPN options, both paid and free. While free VPNs will not try as much as paid ones, a free VPN is much better than no VPN at all.

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Here is our list of the best free VPN for Kodi that you can use

Betternet VPN

Betternet is an utterly free VPN service provider that offers unlimited data, bandwidth and server switching.

Users can go right on using Betternet without having to register or provide any personal information to the site. However, Betternet only offers a single server in Switzerland which makes buffering pretty heavy during peak hours. The rest of the time streaming is decent.

Betternet claims not to track or keep a log of their users’ connections. They make money purely by the Ads posted on the site. There are, however, third parties who have tracking cookies in their Ads.


  • Unlimited data and server switching
  • No log of users’ activities
  • A single automatic login
  • Available versions for Mac, iOS, Windows, and Android
  • Plugins for both Chrome and Firefox


  • Third party spies
  • Buffering during peak hours
  • Single server
SurfEasy VPN

SurfEasy VPN offers both free and paid options. It is a Canadian-based company. The free version provides 500MB.

It also provides a strict no-log network with secure torrenting. You can access better versions by sharing SurfEasy with friends on social media platforms. SurfEasy offers a pretty decent security system for a free service.


  • Single click IP switch
  • Multiple servers in various countries
  • Great for beginners
  • Available in various platforms including Mac, Windows, iOS, Amazon, and Android.


  • SurfEasy saves a log of your connections
Avira Phantom VPN

Avira Phantom VPN was mainly created to secure all financial information, passwords and other private files including downloads.

Your online activity cannot be intercepted or read by third parties or your internet service provider.

Like different VPNs, Avira phantom will enable the user to bypass geo-restricted contents and censored websites.


  • AES-256 encryption
  • DNS server ownership
  • Avira phantom emergency kill switch will block internet bad actors and hackers
  • Avira keeps strict no logs policy


  • A limited number of servers’ locations, around 38.
  • Suited for beginners
ZenMate Chrome VPN

ZenMate provides browser extension and mobile applications that can establish VPN connection using IPsec protocol

ZenMate VPN servers offer unlimited bandwidth and fast internet speed. It follows a strict no logging policy making user’s online activity anonymous.

 It is simple to use with fewer clicks to connect.

It is convenient for the available internet service provider.

Connecting to the internet service providers guarantees that your data remains private, letting you adapt to the changing online environment. ZenMate VPNs strives to provide to provide online users with the free and unrestricted internet.


  • No internet logs
  • Unlimited internet speed
  • Available in an App form for Android, Mac, Windows, and iOS


  • They keep connection logs
  • Keep a TLS 1.2 protocol
  • Limited servers, around 30 servers
  • Limited servers in few countries
Hotspot Shield

Hotspot shield has a free version and an Elite version. The Elite version enables you to access just about anything you require with very few limitations.However, Hotspot Shield has limited locations where the free version is accessible.

They have an excellent customer care support system to enhance your Kodi streaming and browsing although, with hotspot shield, the point to point connection is more often than not crowded.

Hotspot shield can protect up to five devices concurrently, with a limitation of up to 500MB of bandwidth daily, inconveniencing most online torrent downloader’s. Hotspot Shield Free is a recognized and respected brand in the VPN market.


  • Easy-to-use
  • No logs policy
  • 500MB data allowance per day


  • Comparatively less internet speed than its counterparts
  • Point to point connections are crowded
  • Performance is fairly compromised
  • Limited marshaling options due to a limited number of servers
Hide.Me VPN

Hide.Me has been a recommended VPN due to its country’s origin. There is no mandatory data retention in their laws. It is available and recommended for those streaming or downloading geo-restricted media content on Kodi.

Hide.Me rates among the best Virtual Private Network in the world. Hide.me boasts a 2GB monthly data exchange at flashing speeds. Hide.Me VPN provides a certified no logging VPN provider.

Hide.me prides itself on Virtual Private Network protocols and military-grade encryption standards. This protects the user data from falling into the hands of sniffers and hackers. It also offers free proxy extension and web proxy for Google Chrome users.

Hide.Me VPN is also available for multiple platforms.


  • Strict no logging policy for VPN.
  • Built-in internet kill switch with an IP leak protection
  • DNS leak protection
  • Works without torrenting
  • Live support is available.


  • Limited Access to protocols with slower downloading speed compared to other VPNs.
  • Limited streaming channels and platforms
  • They offer poor customer support compared to different VPNs.
  • A smaller number of servers and is available in fewer locations.

Proton VPN is among the big players in the Virtual Private Network industry. It is well within the means of encrypting your private information through a secure VPN tunnel.

This encryption ensures there are no data leakages to hackers or your internet service providers. They offer unlimited bandwidth with bypass capability of the geographical restrictions levied on certain movies/TV shows. It gives you the freedom to stream them from anywhere and anytime on Kodi.

Based in Swiss, proton VPN claims to have a dominant No-Logs policy for VPN. Besides, it offers the onion router (TOR) over a VPN. The user also gains access to the onion websites in one click.

Proton VPN experiences connection speed difficulties and may even induce buffering while streaming from Kodi


  • No annoying Ads are available
  • No logging policy
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Double-Hop VPN configurations


  • Low an inconsistent speed with the availability of servers only in three locations
  • No point to point support
  • Services are sometimes overcrowded.

Irrespective of your location, Windscribe is another popular Virtual Private Network to stream your favorite TV shows and movies on Kodi. It offers full access to all the blocked sites you wish to visit.

Windscribe gives its users the advantage of connecting to the servers of 10 countries with the application capability for Mac, Windows, Android among other operating systems. 

The connection will ensure that you can be able to access most of the geo-restricted streams on Kodi from any location anytime.

Furthermore, Windscribe features an advert blocking, encrypts your browsing sessions on social media networks, and website tracking preventions.  Windscribe uses the highest military-grade encryption technology to preserve your privacy.


  • 10GB of bandwidth per month.
  • Offers free accounts for an unlimited time
  • Has cruise control and double hope features with longer browser extensions
  • Users can gain access to servers across ten countries


  • It stockpiles user logs.
  • Has limited live customer service support system, i.e., they only have email support system.
TunnelBear VPN

This VPN is super secure, but it’s not recommended to use this VPN for peer to peer connection. TunnelBear VPN is safe and reliable with a strict policy of no logs their internet service and restricts users to just 500MB data.

All that aside, TunnelBear VPN allows you to access contents and media from Kodi even in geo-restricted locations.

 It masks your IP address with censorship, especially where privacy is vital.

TunnelBear owns a diverse number of VPN server locations giving you the chance to choose locations in 20 countries. All servers are available to free users apart from Australia. Users from other countries can use TunnelBear to unblock a whole range of websites media contents.

TunnelBear VPN also provides fast download, with internet speeds of about 25 Mbps per second on average.


  • Simple setup and it's incredibly user-friendly
  • Killswitch technology
  • Excellent encryption with blacklist and white feature to block any website you choose, and ghost bear feature.
  • Can connect up to 5 devices
  • Available on other platforms including Mac, Windows, and Android
  • 500MB of free data every month


  • No peer-to-peer
  • Few advanced setting
  • Usage capped

#10  ZoogVPN

ZoogVPN is an excellent, secure and free especially for those wishing to download torrent rather than those watching online videos. Free users get to use three servers located in New York, London and Amsterdam.

It is convenient for beginners with free users getting 2Gb of download usage per month. Sadly, however, the firm's servers are often crowded which forces them to impose bandwidth limits at times. It happens when users jam the servers with subscriptions. It means that the servers may get a bit slower at times and buffer.

It is generally a fast service for a free VPN and is excellent for streaming for free.


  • Excellent for streaming with 27 plus servers in 18 countries
  • Fast service
  • Useful servers
  • An emergency customer service plan
  • Strong encryption


  • Logging practices unclear
  • Limited peer to peer support system
Speedify VPN

Speedify has made a big splash about optimizing streaming speed on Kodi and eliminating buffering. According to them, Speedify automatically identifies a slow connection and switches the user to a new server without missing a beat. This is good news for Kodi enthusiasts who want seamless streaming.

Speedify also protects you from third-party spyware and compromised WIFI networks ensuring that you stay protected as you browse.

While VPNs tend to slow you down, Speedify amalgamates multiple internet connections to ensure a faster stronger bandwidth for you. However, free users only get a maximum of 1GB data per month.


  • Boasts servers in 28 countries
  • Uses military-grade encryption
  • Dubbed the fastest VPN in the market


  • Only offers 1GB of data per month

#12  Opera VPN

Even though Opera VPN shut down its Android and iOS App services earlier this year, the built-in free VPN is still active on their browser.

Users can access this completely free VPN service which automatically masks your IP address as well as online activities. You can stream your restricted media of choice or break down geographical barriers with ease.

Opera VPN also has an in-built Ad blocker which means spy cookies masked as Ads will not have access to your activity logs. The downside of Opera VPN is that it does not support torrenting.


  • Automatically switches IP address
  • Does not keep a log of user’s activities
  • Has a built-in Adblocker


  • Does not support Android and iOS
  • No torrenting

#13  X-VPN

X-VPN offers both a free VPN and a subscription-based VPN service. Right off the bat, the X-VPN site states that their free service is bound to have speed and stability issues probably due to the bulk of users accessing the free servers.

That being said, X-VPN is an excellent service for streaming, downloading and unblocking media that falls within restricted demographics.

They boast a bank-grade encryption system with multiple security tunnels. With over 1,000 servers all over the globe, you can set your location or choose a public address from their list.


  • Supports Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux, and Android
  • Over a thousand servers all over the world
  • 256-bit encryption system
  • DNS Leak Protection
  • Killswitch


  • 500MB data limit for free users

Private Tunnel is yet another free VPN that allows users to access internet security and unlocking services for free. 

However, like the majority of the other VPN providers, Private Tunnel has a subscription-based service as well. For the free users, a limit of 200MB data is offered.

Now, instead of asking the user to upgrade and such, they provide the user an opportunity to purchase more data when the 200MB inevitably ends.

While we acknowledge that 200MB of data is not much of anything, it does allow the user to get a feel of what Private Tunnel is all about. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.


  • Easy to use
  • Fairly stable connections


  • Only 200MB of data for free users.

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How to choose the right VPN server?

It is simple. With all the above options at your disposal, you can make your selection depending on your location and the features you are looking.

Consider the speed for streaming:

Streaming and internet speed follow the same curve line. Based on the bulk of streaming that you intend to do, choose a VPN that has a large data allowance over one with a smaller one.

Most free VPNs offer 500MBs a month which is not much. Choose wisely depending on what your primary purpose is for a VPN.

Keep an eye on Customer Reviews:

Before you select your ideal VPN, read through other users’ experiences with the same. This way, you can decide, based on their reviews, if it is the best choice for you.

For instance, as earlier mentioned, free VPN providers tend to share users’ information or allow third-party spy Apps keep a log of your connections. Find out the consequences faced due to this quirky attribute and decide if it is worth it.

Ultimately, the best free VPN is a matter of choice. The options have been availed to you now all you have to do is choose.

We know you will make the right decision and enjoy anonymous Kodi experiences for the rest of time. Happy streaming!

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